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WazirX Referral Code

The latest Referral code of WazirX is yaje4q2y. Sign up with the referral code and start investing in 100+ cryptocurrencies. Download the Wazirx app from the Play Store or Appstore and get started on your crypto journey.

You can find everything about the latest Wazirx referral code on this website and tips and tricks to promote your referral code and earn WRX coins online.


WazirX Referral Code

The new user Wazirx referral code is mentioned below with all about the refer and earn program. Click here to join WazirX by downloading the App or signing up on the website.

Exchange Code
WazirX referral code   yaje4q2y
Eligibility  Only for new users
Signup bonus  50% CB on fee forever
Expires on  31-12-2022
Exchange WazirX
Platforms  Android, iOS, Web, Mac OS App, Mobile
KYC Required?  Digital KYC
Country India
Parent company Binance
Refer and earn 50% of trading fee available



WazirX Referral program overview

  • WazirX launched their signature referral program in 2018 and the early users of WazirX made a fortune from this referral program. The early benefits were super good and were 50WRX coins and a 100% trading fee from the referred person.
  • Later when WazirX grew big and the user base grew exceptionally, they had to cut down the referral benefits for the referred person.
  • Now the referred person is not eligible for any benefits. Only the person who refers people through the wazirx referral code gets the benefits through the referral program.
  • The referee gets 50% of the trading fee forever from his referral network without any cap. The best part is that you can either withdraw the money to your account instantly or even trade with your referral earnings.
  • I’ve seen people who started WazirX from day one and are very loyal to the company and have referred thousands of people through the Wazirx referral code. They all have made a fortune by now and many are millionaires today.

Stats of WazirX Referral program till now

WazirX declared through Twitter that they distributed more than ₹30 Crore in April 2021 only. That shows the trade volume of the Indian cryptocurrency market.

Glad to hear that. Thanks for referring.

FYI, WazirX distributed Rs. 30+ Crore in referral earnings in April 2021 🤝

— Nischal Shetty (CEO, WazirX) ⚡️ (@NischalShetty) May 12, 2021

Future of WazirX Referral program in India, Which is the best referral code in India?

If you’re interested in investing in acquiring users to your invite link on WazirX, the only risk that you should be taking is the lifetime of Cryptocurrency in India. We aren’t sure yet if you’re late for the party yet, but the truth is that the referral program from WazirX is a goldmine and you can earn well if you target the potential users.

Tricks to add more people to your WazirX referral network

  • Create a blog post writing about your code experience with relevant keywords that a user may search on Google while signing up for Wazirx.
  • Share your invite code on Twitter with people who are facing trouble with other exchanges.
  • Share your referral code on social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Consider doing email marketing, SMS marketing, social media ad campaigns for the targeted users.
  • Consider doing PPC ad campaigns and search engine optimization for your blog post

What happens when you refer someone to wazirx?

You very often hear that, if you don’t make money while you sleep then you’re not going to be rich. And I will tell you why the WazirX Referral program is making money while you sleep scheme. Every night at 12 AM, WazirX starts updating the transactions of the previous day to compile the referral earnings for the users. The process can go through all the way night and once you wake up in the morning, you will be surprised to see the money that you made while sleeping.

My experience was that I had super inspirational mornings when I see the money I made while I was sleeping. This could make your day more productive and help you to stay motivated and conquer more and more that day. I never even thought in my wild dreams that this coupon can make me this much money.

How do you earn commission on trading on wazirx?

WazirX also describes the referral program as “Be your own boss”. I second the statement since it helped me achieve financial independence and focus most of my time not chasing the gig to make money and fund my expenses. I was able to be my own boss and it gave me an independence level that I had choices in my life. Yes, that is the all idea of money right? it gives you choices in life that you can afford to miss. I was also able to focus more on self-learning, improvising myself, and also up-skill myself by this Wazirx referral code.

My WazirX invite code overview

Below is the screenshot of my WazirX Referral network and the total number of people joined via my network. The 2600+ people joined via my link in 2 years and I did a lot of laser-targeted digital marketing to acquire these many users.


As you can see, I’ve made more than 50k from the Wazirx referral code. But this isn’t anything if you have seen the stories of people who made crores with fewer referrals. All that matters is when did you join the party. Trust me, this refer and earn program has created more crorepatis than anything else. I’ve seen a guy on Twitter with just 6 referrals who made more than a crore.

Major update about the Wazirx referral program

There is a major update regarding the referral program on August 15, 2021. Update: You can earn your referral earnings only in the form of WRX coins effective from August 15th, 2021. Whatever currency your referee trades in, you will only receive the bonus in the form of WRX coins. Earlier, it was credited in the form of BTC, WRX, INR and it was very convenient to trade from the currency that you receive as referral earnings. This will further boost the transaction volume and trade frequency of the WRX coin. It’s never a bad idea or late to invite your friends to join from your Wazirx referral code.



Review of the WazirX Referral program from Twitter

Below attached are a few real tweets from the happy users of the WazirX referral code and this could motivate you to start referring more and more friends and build a bigger network of traders.

As you can see, the person in the above tweet has referred only 6 people and this is proof that you don’t need thousands of people to build a fortune. It’s all about the trading capacity of people, chances are high that these 6 people are big shots and have traded very nicely from the beginning. 


Another instance where a person who referred about a thousand people earned more than 2 Crores in Indian Rupees. These are perfect examples of a blogger or a vlogger who can influence people by their content on the internet. If you’re a content creator on the internet, you can consider influencing people to join with your WazirX referral code, India’s best Cryptocurrency exchange from your referral link or referral code.

WazirX Fees on trading, deposit, withdrawal, transfer

  • There are multiple fees while you trade with WazirX referral code or any other cryptocurrency exchange, it’s very much advised that you should understand in detail the different types of charges or fees such as deposit fees, withdrawal fees, maker fees, taker fees, network fees.
  • Recently the Reserve Bank of India released a notification that clearly asks banks to continue providing payment gateway support and withdrawal support. This new notification from RBI could potentially reduce a lot of unnecessary deposit charges from the new WazirX payment processor.
  • If you remember, a few months ago we didn’t have a special fee for depositing money via UPI or direct deposit.
  • Click here to go to the WazirX charges and trading fees page and read the charges in detail.


How can you refer more people from your WazirX invite code?

  • The first platform that you can use for sharing your WazirX referral code is Twitter. Every day, you will see hundreds of people having trouble or issues with their current crypto exchange. You can consider letting them know about WazirX and ask them to consider registering through your referral link.
  • Secondly, another trick that worked well for me is Reddit and quora. Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the contents on Reddit and quora rank very nicely on Google. If you can write very little spammy content on Quora about your Wazirx referral code, and have a good following on the platform, then definitely you can make a few referrals every day.
  • Blogging is found to be the most effective channel and if you have authority on the internet, you should definitely make use of your channel and give them quality content and earn some rewards.

How to get a 50% referral code on wazirx? 

Wazirx will notify you every morning with an email containing the amount that you earned as referral income last day and it really helps you to have a clear chart of your daily earnings at a later stage. The email screenshot sample is attached below. The referral income comes only from the people who used your Wazirx referral code while signing up. I have referred more than 3000 people from my Wazirx referral link so far.


The amount mentioned in this email is the commission earned from the trading fee of the qualified referrals from my account.

WazirX Coupon Codes 2021

You can also earn coupons and apply them on your dashboard to get some bonus cash back via Wazirx referral coupons. One of the best and trusted methods is to get coupons via the CRED App. I’m sharing a coupon that you can use to apply on your Wazirx referral code session.


You have the opportunity to win up to 1 BTC via CRED coupons. Check your luck from the raffle.

How to redeem the Wazirx coupon?

  • Goto CRED Rewards session and then click on the above thumbnail.
  • Generate your unique reward code and you will see the denomination of the voucher that you generated. Use the referral code above and sign up for to Wazirx app.
  • Goto Wazirx app and open the coupons section and apply the coupon that you generated before.
  • You will see the reward credited to your account if you satisfy the terms in the coupon.
  • Refer more people to Wazirx with your Wazirx referral code and earn more bonuses.

Final conclusion about Wazirx Referral Code

 Wazirx is one of the most trusted, legit crypto exchanges in India and the referral program is very rewarding and delightful as well. You can copy the Wazirx referral code 87b3yj3z.